Past Exhibitions


Barns-Graham regularly exhibited her work throughout her career in both solo and group exhibitions. The Trust has continued to create exhibitions of her work and support loans to public museums and galleries.

An acrylic painting with an abstract composition of vertical brushstrokes in bright colours on a blue background

Recent Exhibitions & Events

Find out more about recent exhibitions and events featuring the life and work of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham hosted by the Trust and partner organisations.

Recent Exhibitions & Events

Solo and Group Exhibitions


The Trust have created lists of solo and group exhibitions showing her work and will continue to update them as more information comes to light through further research. Barns-Graham was meticulous in retaining ephemeral material relating to exhibitions featuring her work and we have examples of catalogues and private view cards etc. for most of the exhibitions recorded.

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Solo Exhibitions

Following her first dedicated exhibition at Downing’s Bookshop, St Ives, in 1947, Barns-Graham was given solo exhibitions across the UK.

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A painting with a garden in the foreground with path running diagonally towards centre of image with palm trees and green grass. A box hedge at the edge of the garden diagonally divides the plane in two. Beyond, the harbour of St Ives with a blue sea and buildings sketched out on beige. A pier with lighthouse at the end divides the harbour from the open sea.

Group Exhibitions

From Abstract Expressionism to Artists’ Studios, Barns-Graham’s work has been included in exhibitions on a wide variety of themes.

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