In Nov 2022, an immersive art installation premiered in Edinburgh, Scotland. People went multiple times, and cried multiple times. The reaction was extraordinary. Attendance was huge. Scotland’s national newspaper said it was one of the best visual events of the year.

Available to Tour

Like a Huge Scotland is available to tour both in the UK and internationally and we are currently seeking venues for this extraordinary work by filmmaker, Mark Cousins. The installation requires a dark space with four large screens or projections set up to allow for a 360° experience with sound. There is no fee for the installation: media files will be sent to you on a hard drive and set up costs met by the venue. A range of additional content is available to complement the installation from recordings of the original live edit of Like a Huge Scotland and talks to related Barns-Graham material and merchandise.

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Painting with abstract large abstract shapes in blues, greens and greys. At the centre is a small black oval.

Like a Huge Scotland Themes

The main theme of the installation is inspiration – how a moment can become a turning point. The background themes are very contemporary:

  • Feminism – Barns-Graham was a great artist who has been under-remember by history
  • Neurodiversity – She was synaesthesic and had a rare way of looking at the world
  • Climate emergency – The glacier has almost gone
  • Aging – How our older self forgets our younger self

Exhibition Development

Live Talks

Live talks with Mark Cousins or the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust may be available.

Recorded Talks

  • Professor Pete Nienow, Professor of Glaciology, University of Edinburgh on Art and ice loss: a personal and scientific reflection mourning rapid glacier loss in the Alps
  • Dr Samantha Walton and climber Anna Fleming discuss Nan Shephard and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

Additional Exhibition Content

The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust can provide related artworks, photographs and archive materials for reproduction or loan. Loan conditions and costs may apply.


The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust can supply a range of books and cards for sale alongside your exhibition.

A screenshot of film editing software. In top left quadrant is an image of splintered ice. In the top right quadrant are four images of splinted ice with small image of filmmaker Mark Cousins. In the bottom half are bars of colour representing different video and audio channels.

Live Edit Recording

Mark Cousins and his editor, Timo Langer broadcast the edit of Like a Huge Scotland live on YouTube. The edit providesa unique insight into a rarely revealed process with an internationally renowned filmmaker.

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Reviews for Fruitmarket

Beautiful… hauntingly beautiful.  Wouldn’t have missed it.  Alison Watt, painter

Extraordinary. Profoundly compassionate and moving.  Jenny Young, trauma therapist

So concise and epic at the same time.  Like a poem – so condensed.  Stewart Laing, opera and theatre director

∗∗∗∗ Compelling.  A moving reflection on time, ageing and the nature of artistic inspiration… spare, insightful.  The Scotsman

One of the ten best art shows of 2022.  The Scotsman

To register interest as a venue contact

Rob Airey | Director

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust

77 Brunswick Street | Edinburgh | EH7 5HS