Making of Like A Huge Scotland

In the week preceding the installation of Like a Huge Scotland, filmmaker Mark Cousins and his editor, Timo Langer, gave us a rare insight behind the scenes by live broadcasting their editing process on Youtube. See them bring together Mark’s script and footage he shot on Grindelwald Glacier with close up images of Barns-Graham’s Glacier paintings, sounds captured by sound designer, Ania Przygoda, and a musical score by composer, Linda Buckley for this 15-minute presentation.

A screenshot of film editing software. In top left quadrant is an image of splintered ice. In the top right quadrant are four images of splinted ice with small image of filmmaker Mark Cousins. In the bottom half are bars of colour representing different video and audio channels.

Screenshot of Mark Cousins live editing Like a Huge Scotland on Zoom. Edit Session 4, Tuesday 25 October 2022

Edit Session 1: Monday 24 October, morning

The first edit session sees the creation of the first minute or so of the installation with the opening shots and credits, a montage of traditional artistic impressions of Grindelwald Glacier and our introduction to our protagonist, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham.

Edit Session 2: Monday 24 October, afternoon

In this session watch the edit reach six minutes, introducing us to the world of the story and mood and the central characters of a young and older Wilhelmina Barns-Graham. It includes Barns-Graham’s first encounter with the Grindelwald Glacier, a moment that forever changed her and her art.

Edit Session 3: Tuesday 25 October, morning

Mark and Timo cut the next three minutes of the installation sequencing carefully selected close ups of artworks from Barns-Graham’s Glacier series.

Edit Session 4: Tuesday 25 October, afternoon

This session continues on from the morning’s cutting.

Edit Session 5: Wednesday 26 October, morning

In the fifth session, Mark and Timo finish the cut, with the final sequences reflecting on devasting impact of the climate emergency on the Grindelwald Glacier today.

Edit Session 6: Wednesday 26 October, afternoon

Watch the first full cut of the installation in this session.

Edit Session 7: Thursday 27 October, afternoon

Mark and Timo move onto the next stage of the editing process: correcting the framing of each image.