Artist and Printmaker: Part Two

Listen to more stories about Barns-Graham's printmaking

A black and white photo of life drawings pinned on a wall. A sign above them reads 'Barns-Graham'

Life Drawing and Drawing on Life: Barns-Graham on William Gillies

Some reminiscences of the artist, William Gillies, by Barns-Graham from her time as a student at Edinburgh College of Art

A photo collage of colourful poster designs

Posters Republished

A look at recently digitised posters from the Trust's collection

A colour etching of thin blocks of colour in greys and reds on mauve background

Artist and Printmaker: Part One

Listen to Rachael Kantaris sharing her experience printmaking with Barns-Graham

close up detail of black and white photo of geometric abstract painting

Researching Reliefs in Rome

New research reveals the three reliefs shown in Rome