Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Last Light

Last Light No.2 1998

Last Light No.2, 1998, Acrylic on paper, BGT3086

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Last Light

The first solo exhibition of the year opens at the Scottish Gallery Edinburgh on Wednesday 4 May, and marks the sixtieth anniversary of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s first solo exhibition in Scotland, which was held at the Scottish Gallery (part of Aitken Dott & Son at the time) in 1956.  The focus is on her late paintings and prints, reflecting an extraordinary body of work that highlights her sense of colour and vitality. This period started in 1993 and carried through to her death in 2004. That she was in her eighties did not diminish her abilities to create dynamic images that have continued to capture new audiences since first exhibited in 1994. Also included are three paintings that directly precede this time, revealing a few hints as to what was to come. The exhibition continues to 28 May. Details can be found here, where you can download a copy of the catalogue.





An acrylic painting with an abstract composition of vertical and diagonal brushstrokes in bright colours on a grey background

Scorpio Series 1 No.12, 1996, Acrylic on paper, BGT969

A screenprint with an abstract composition of vertical brushstrokes in bright colours on a yellow background

Summer (Yellow), 1999, Screenprint, ed of 75