WBG at Waterhouse & Dodd

Waterhouse & Dodd have an extensive display of WBG’s paintings on their walls for the better part of February including the magnificent Two Pairs of Complementaries of Equal Amount (1970) and Bridal Party 2 (1987).

This is not a formal exhibition, more an ‘out of the cupboard’ airing with some top examples of Willie’s work from the 1960s onwards that represent her Order and Disorder paintings and subsequent evolutions.  Although at times appearing disparate one can follow her investigations into the dynamics of form, colour and movement that ultimately lead up to the brilliance of her Scorpio paintings (1994 onwards).  Until 20 February.

Meanwhile, Waterhouse & Dodd have a mixed artists’ display at their New York gallery that includes at least two of Willie’s paintings. Scorpio Series 2 No.53 (1996-97) hangs well alongside the larger paintings by abstract expressionist Norman Bluhm (left) and Colourfield painter Friedel Dzubas.