International Blues

White Circle Series I, 2003, Screenprint, edition of 70

Three Wilhelmina Barns-Graham prints have been selected for the exhibition ‘International Blues’, that sets the launch of the Fen Ditton Gallery. This is the first in a series of shows planned for that will focus on a particular colour. Each show brings together some very different artists and designers who have explored colour through deep engagement with particular materials: in this show clay, print on paper and tapestry. The intention is to create a stimulating exhibition of contemporary work and to introduce some familiar, and perhaps less familiar, colour masters to Cambridge. Artists in ‘International Blues’ expand our experience of colour through craft and chemistry creating strong visual experiences.

Works included are Prints by Wilhelmina BarnsĀ­ Graham and Howard Hodgkin; Ceramics by Niisato Akio (Japan), Bodil Manz (Denmark), Shinobu Kawase (Japan), Ingar Rokkjaer (Denmark), Lucie Rie (UK) and Janice Tchalenko (UK); Tapestry by Jo Barker.

Exhibition runs from 8th to 24th June 2018

Fen Ditton Gallery, 23 High Street, Fen Ditton CB5 SST