• 08 November - 16 December 2022
  • Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YW
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A painting of two wave shapes made up of tiny randomly placed squares, half white half black on a background divided vertically into yellow black and white.

Contact (Bridge Series), 1968, oil & acrylic on hardboard, Peter Scott Gallery

A Matter of Age? invites you to question your perceptions of ageing and of what it means to create art, with our rich and varied collection as a starting point. Traditional organising principles are abandoned and instead works are clustered according to the age of the artist at the time of production.  Join the Peter Scott Gallery as they ask how age impacts on our perceptions of the artworks in front of us, and on our preconceptions about age and creativity.

The exhibition features Barns-Graham’s Contact (Bridge Series), 1968. Created aged 56, this work was made at a point where rather than nearing to retirement, Willie was only reaching her mid-career, continuing to paint for another 35 years.