Artists and Music

September Music 1999 acrylic on paper 58 x 77 cm BGT3115 at Bohun Gallery

September Music 1999 acrylic on paper, BGT3115

Artists and Music at Bohun Gallery

Bohun Gallery revisits the theme of Artists & Music in their summer exhibition that opens on Saturday 9th June. Following their very successful show of 2015 they continue to explore the influence and relationship between artists and music. With work by some of the leading artists of the 20th Century and with paintings and sculpture commissioned especially for this exhibition, there will be a huge diversity in artistic styles and musical influences.


Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s September Music is major work in the show. Painted in 1999 it contains all the joie de vivre that epitomises her work from this period.


Last year Barns-Graham was represented by the drawing Sea Music (1988) and screenprint Tango (2003).


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Sea Music 1988

Sea Music, 1988, Pen, ink and oil on card, BGT175