An acrylic painting with an abstract composition of vertical brushstrokes in bright colours on a brown background

Untitled 05/99 (RSW 2000) 1999 acrylic on paper 56.8 x 76.6 cm BGT982


An exciting new range of gifts has been created by ART UK and is now available from their on-line shop. The range includes tableware, soft furnishings, kitchenware and accessories, the designs selected from the extensive collection of Barns-Graham’s images viewable on the ART UK web site. As they succinctly say: This beautiful range of homewares and accessories celebrates the colourful palette and expressive brushwork which are so distinctive of her unique style. Why not take a look now at ARTUK/Wilhelmina-Barns-Graham/Gifts. All sales help the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust achieve its aims.


And while you are there why not order a framed print to match your purchase? There is a wide choice of images from which to choose, 277 in all, at ARTUK/ Wilhelmina-Barns-Graham/ArtWork


Happy shopping!