ART UK is launched

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham on ART UK

ART UK has just been launched.


In late 2014 The Barns-Graham Charitable Trust became a Founder Partner of a new web resource ART UK. This is the revised and improved web site that was established by the Public Catalogue Foundation in 2012 and known as BBC Your Paintings.


ART UK is a dynamic portal to paintings in all public collections around the UK, and as of April it will be expanded to include works in other media including drawings and sculpture. The web site has a proper search option and new categories to explore.


This link will take you directly to the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham page. All artworks are listed alphabetically, the first painting on our page being Afghanistan, a late painting from the Vertical Movement Series of 2000. Inspired by the dusty yellows of Afghanistan that had been much in the news at that time, the painting reveals Barns-Graham working in a more pared down style, the single dynamic downward sweep of a white brushstroke  cutting across the picture plane.


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