WBG in Art Fairs in London and Chicago

Porthmeor (1954) and Bridal Party 2 (1987)
at 20/21 British Art Fair alongside
works by John Wells and David Bomberg

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham is well represented by Waterhouse & Dodd at the 20/21 British Art Fair, London and EXPO Chicago. This is the second time this year that the gallery has displayed her work in art fairs in London and the USA, attracting much interest from collectors on both sides of the pond.


Five works are at 20/21 British Art Fair - Porthmeor (1954), Minack Cliff Theatre (1940), Cemetery, St Andrews (1979),  Untitled - Linked Forms (c1959), and Bridal Party 2 (1987).


Late acrylics are on show at EXPO Chicago, including Clodgy Walk (1988) and Untitled - Scorpio Series (1996).


Both art fairs run from 13 - 17 September.


20/21 British Art Fair at the Mall Galleries, London

EXPO Chicago at the Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois



EXPO Chicago with WBG's 'Clodgy Walk' back left
with works by Normal Bluhm, Gerhard Richter
and Alexander Calder.
WBG alongside Ashille Gorky at
EXPO Chicago
WBG at 20/21 BAF -
'Minack Cliff Theatre' on left

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